Emulsifiable water coolants - Maximum performance for minimum consumption.

Our powerful coolants are necessary for effective machining of metals, whether for turning, drilling, milling or rectification. Emulsifiable water coolants from Rhenus Lub form finely dispersed emulsions limiting losses. Generally, the addition of concentrations of 1% to 2% is sufficient.

Emulsifiable water coolants protect your manufacturing process.

We continue to expand our range of products in collaboration with clients and technical colleges, including: 

Application areas

Metal coolants without amines or boric acids RL : Good skin tolerance, environmentally friendly

Rhenus Lub was the first company to standardise cooling lubricants without amines or boric acids RL with particularly low allergenicity. In addition, cooling lubricants without boric acid or amines Rhenus Lub have pH values​between 7.5 and 8.5 - without influencing the stability of emulsions.  


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