Universal cleaners

The products of the CLEANTEC range are detergents that carry water with alkaline solutions for the elimination of all dirt, oil and minerals, vegetable or animal greases in all media. They are biodegradable and free of chlorine and ammonia.

Alkaline degreaser, easily soluble in water, biodegradable and recommended for all cleaning operations for the removal of oily or greasy dirt. It is specific to soil and heavily painted contaminated soils. This type of cleaning may be manual or mechanised and can be used on painted surfaces and high pressure sprays. It is diluted in any type of water and rinsed off easily. 

Detergent on concentrates, self-active, specifically formulated for washing and cleaning of vehicles circulating in highly-contaminated environments. Particularly recommended for cleaning tarpaulins, but also light-coloured bodyworks, for which the static film is more particularly removed. Has increased efficiency on the most stubborn dirt: Traces of diesel fuel, oils, grease, insects, etc. This allows washing of bodyworks, as well as frames, boards and stringers. Also recommended for hot dewaxing of new vehicles protected by polymers. .

Detergent - corrosion degreaser for the mechanical industry. It is a highly active degreaser on all oil, grease, wax, inorganic contaminations. It is used pure or diluted and is over 90% biodegradable. It can be used for the following applications: Applied by rag, brush, fountain, immersion with agitation, ultrasonic, cold or hot or low or high pressure spray. It is suitable for cleaning metal parts, painted or coated surfaces, for degreasing mechanical parts, moulds, tools, etc. for surface preparation prior to painting. It is compatible with plastics and offers good protection against corrosion.

Universal degreasing detergent in the aqueous phase. This is a readily soluble alkali degreasing liquid in water. It is used in food processing industries. It is inert to all materials (Ferrous and nonferrous metals, plastics, rubber, leather, fabrics, etc.). It requires no subsequent rinsing. It is non-foaming and is in accordance with cleaning equipment that may come into accidental contact with food products. This detergent is for all cleaning or degreasing to remove dirt, oil stains and grease. It is applied with a minimum concentration of 1% in water and applied by spraying, brushing or dipping. It is recommended for use with a steam cleaner for washing painted body works.